Storage Vessels

We can supply a wide range of biological storage vessels – either small aluminium ones for straws and vials, medium size aluminium vessels for boxes or larger stainless steel vessels. The medium and larger vessels can be equipped with the CryoFill controller for automatic filling.

All the vessels can be for storage in the liquid or (conventional) gas phase of nitrogen and with the larger vessels there is also the option of “dry” gas phase storage. With the “dry” systems there is a separation between your samples and the liquid Nitrogen,  this is safer for your samples (no cross contamination) and helps your staff as they don’t come in direct contact with liquid Nitrogen itself.

Aluminium vessels

  • Smaller and medium size vessels with low evaporation

Stainless steel vessels

There are two kinds of stainless steel biological storage vessels:

  • “Wide neck“ vessels
    • Quick access but high nitrogen consumption, large footprint and lower safety margin
  • “High efficiency” HE vessels with a narrow neck
    • Turn table system, very low nitrogen consumption, small footprint and higher safety margin

We prefer high efficiency vessels because they have a couple advantages:

  • Very low nitrogen consumption (less pressure vessel changes)
  • The low consumption means a higher (operation) security (longer holding time even without liquid nitrogen supply)
  • Bigger capacity on a smaller floor area / footprint (only front access needed)
  • Lower gas load in the room (fewer O2 alarms)
  • the racks can be raised more ergonomically due to the turn table system


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