IVF or AI Vessel Inventory Systems

Vessel inventory systems for IVF or AI

For the storage of straws for IVF or AI we also have the option of storing in liquid, conventional gas phase and a combination of both or in a “dry” gas phase.

For the first option we work with twistable canisters (large or small). The idea of the twistable canisters is that one can stack (2, 3, 4 layers) the goblets with straws, thereby increasing your storage capacity. When you need to retrieve the bottom one you twist them open and you have quick and direct access to the level you need. This saves a lot of time and makes sure the samples are minimally exposed to the ambient temperature.

For the “dry” storage system we have a specially designed system which makes it possible to retrieve straws from boxes without them leaving the storage tank and the cold Nitrogen environment. When you need to retrieve a sample, you lift it from the vessel with the retrieving rod and hang the rod and box in the neck of the vessel. Advantage are that the samples stay inside the vessel, you have your hands free to work with the samples and because of the box lay-out it is easy to identify the position of your sample.