CryoFill 1.0

The CryoFill is a modern ”state of the art” multifunctional automatic filling unit for “Pressure differential” or “4 point level” measurement. The CryoFill is independent and can be fitted on any brand and/or type of tank. The unit can be mounted on a storage vessel or if it is a cabinet type of vessel internally.

All biological storage vessels we supply are equipped with the CryoFill automatic filling unit. They have the newest (the only one with full compatibility) direct connection with the XiltriX alarm monitoring system for reading out relevant data in real time remotely.

The Cryo XiltriX feature even allows you to remotely check the installation from the comfort of your home which is especially convenient during evening, weekend or holiday alarms. You don’t have to physically go to your lab (workplace) to check the parameters.

Key features

  • De-gas, purge, quick chill and defog options
  • Multiple solenoids as possibilities
  • Easy to use and program (clear text and program format)
  • Colour touchscreen (changes colour when there is an alarm)
  • Audible alarm and remote alarm
  • Direct Real time remote alarm and monitoring with XiltriX

Upgrade / update / modernize existing vessels to a “green solution”

The CryoFill with its multi functionality enables you to modernize your existing vessels in a very cost effective way, by only replacing the controller, solenoids and sensors and not the whole vessel. It is an environmentally friendly way of up-dating your existing bio storage vessels – a so called green solution. This up-date also comes with full warranty on the automatic filling.