Controlled Rate Freezers

For controlled rate freezers we know two type of machines, and they basically work in different ways. The Planer which injects Nitrogen in a chamber and the CryoLogic which has a Nitrogen bath and heater module to create the right freezing curve. They both have their specific advantages and we would be happy to explain this in depth to you.

Planer CRF

These most commonly used controlled rate freezers are ideal for precision freezing of straws, vials and blood bags prior to long term cryogenic storage. They are used worldwide by cell researchers, biologists, IVF & medical practioners and veterinarians etc. in areas such as IVF, AI, stem cell, blood products and tissue technologies.

The temperature range allows a wide range of protocols and the -180ºC end temperature ensures sample integrity. Accurate control, safety features and sample history data logging make these freezers class leaders.


Cryo Logic

These type of controlled rate freezers are mainly used in the IVF and AI field, they are smaller, one can easily work on a small bench, they are quiet and the systems can be quickly set up, and packed away, by the user.

Each CRF consists of a temperature controller, cryochamber, and cryobath. The chamber stands directly in Liquid Nitrogen in the cryobath, and is connected to the controller which regulates the temperature of the specimens.

These controlled rate freezers are ideal for the precision freezing down of vials, straws and blood bags. The temperature range allows flexibility for a wide range of applications and protocols and the -180 ºC end temperature ensures sample integrity when transferring to long term storage.

They can be operated as stand-alone or via a PC (with software).

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